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Quadratic Programming Library

QPLIB – final version

We are pleased to inform you that the final version of the QPLIB is now online and it can be downloaded here:


The beta version contains: 251 discrete instances and 116 continuous instances of different characteristics.

Our taxonomy is based on a three-fields code of the form “OVC ”, where O indicates the objective function, V the variables, and C the constraints of the problem. The fields can be given the following values:

  1. objective function: (L)inear, (D)iagonal convex quadratic, (C)onvex quadratic, nonconvex (Q)uadratic;
  2. variables: (C)ontinuous only, (B)inary only, (M)ixed binary and continuous, (I)nteger only, (G)eneral (all three types);
  3. constraints: (N)one, (B)ox, (L)inear, (D)iagonal convex quadratic, (C)onvex quadratic, nonconvex (Q)uadratic.

QPlib2014 committee