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 +**QPLIB2014 -- __beta version__**
-===== Quadratic Programming Library ​ =====+We are pleased to inform you that the **beta** version of the QPLIB2014 is now online and it can be downloaded here:
 +  - DOWNLOAD {{:​qplib_beta.tgz|gams format}} {{:​qplib_beta_lp.tgz|lp format}}
 +  - INSTANCE FEATURES {{:​info_qplib_beta.xlsx|info.xlsx}},​ {{:​info_qplib_beta.ods|info.ods}}
-**QPLIB -- final version**+The beta version ​contains: 410 discrete instances and 138 continuous instances of different characteristics.
-We are pleased to inform you that the final version of the QPLIB is now online and it can be downloaded here:+{{ :qplib_beta_discr_inst.png?​nolink&​500 |}}
-  - DOWNLOAD ​{{::​qplib.zip|INSTANCES}} +{{ :qplib_beta_cont_inst.png?​nolink&​500 ​|}}
-  - INSTANCE FEATURES {{:​instancefeatures.xlsx|xlsx}} {{:​instancefeatures.ods|ods}}+
-The beta version ​contains: 251 discrete instances and 116 continuous ​instances of different characteristics.+The idea behind this beta version ​is to spread the instances ​gathered in order to have a round of feedbacks before the final release of the library. All comments or suggestions should be send to the following email address: qplib2014@gmail.com
-Our taxonomy is based on a three-fields code of the form “OVC ”where O +The QPLIB2014 has been presented at the conference ISMP 2015 and the slides ​of the talkcontaining some additional information about the selected instances, can be found here:
-indicates ​the objective functionV the variables, and C the constraints of the +
-problem. The fields ​can be given the following values +
-  - objective function: (L)inear, (D)iagonal convex quadratic, (C)onvex quadratic, nonconvex (Q)uadratic;​ +  ​* ISMP 2015 -- {{:qplib.pdf|talk}}
-  ​variables: (C)ontinuous only, (B)inary only, (M)ixed binary and continuous, (I)nteger only, (G)eneral (all three types); +
-  - constraints:​ (N)one, (B)ox, (L)inear, (D)iagonal convex quadratic, (C)onvex quadratic, nonconvex (Q)uadratic. +
- +
----- +
- +
-Discrete instances features: +
- +
-{{ :1.png?400 |}} +
- +
----- +
- +
-Continuous instances features: +
- +
-{{ :2.png?​300 ​|}}+
 ---- ----