SING Organising Procedure

The conventions

SING countries are at present Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland (and France, after the SING13 meeting).

SING members are the participants, belonging to SING countries, of the current SING meeting.

SING Assembly is the Assembly of SING members, held during each SING annual meeting. It is chaired by a country representative and minutes are taken by the organiser of the current Meeting or by a chosen delegate. The SING Assembly examines the proposals of the SING Representatives' Council and takes decisions on:

  • the location, and organiser of, the next meetings (there is the possibility of inviting another European country to be a Guest Organiser, if a request to a country representative has been previously sent);
  • the possible incorporation of a country that has organised in the past at least two SING annual meetings as Guest Organiser, and the consequent change of the acronym "SING";
  • possible amendments to the present regulations;
  • other business.

SING Country representatives are the representatives of each SING country (two for each country), and they last for two years, alternately. They are elected at the end of the annual SING Assembly, each one by the SING members of the related country, present at the Assembly. Those proposed for election as SING representatives do not need actually be present at the Assembly. No representative may be elected more than three times consecutively. The country representatives have the task of:

  • nominating, in agreement with the organiser of the next meeting, the scientific committee and the invited speakers for the next meeting;
  • being the reference point for any urgent decision that might have to be taken before the following assembly;
  • preparing the proposals to be put forward at the SING Assembly.

SING Representatives' Council is the meeting of SING Country representatives, held annually on the during a SING meeting. Each SING representative may be represented by a chosen delegate. The organisers of the current and also of the next SING meetings are invited to this Council.

The procedure

The organiser of each SING annual meeting has to book a session at a SING representatives' Council and, on a subsequent day, a plenary session for the SING Assembly.

At the end of the meeting s/he forwards Assembly decisions to all SING members. Moreover, s/he should forward an updated history of SING (to be added, together with the present document, to the web pages for the new meeting), as well as the mailing list of all participants in current and past SING meetings, to the organiser of the next SING meeting, including the updated list of SING Representatives.

The organiser of the next SING meeting will contact the SING Representatives, initiating the organisation of the new SING meeting.