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Recent developments in the multi-criteria network flow problems (José FIGUEIRA, Halim M’SILTI, Pierre TOLLA)

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The purpose of this paper is to undertake a review of multi-criteria network flow problems. First of all we will provide a motivation for the fields of the multi-criteria interactive approach and network flows and outline the role of interactive procedures. Then we will present a background on multi-criteria network flows, an outline of the procedures for the generation of non-dominated points, and an outline of some representative interactive procedures.Finally we will present some experiments and we will focuse on the perspectives for the research in multi-criteria network flows.The main issue raised here is the role of the interactive procedures to help users in the choice of a " good solution ". Because of the significan arbitration in modelling activity we introduce a new framework for research that seems more consistent with real-life applications.

Keywords : multi-criteria programming, interactive approach, combinatorial optimization, networks and graphs.