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Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms

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The scientific activity of the team “Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms” is centered on mathematical programming (linear programming, integer programming, polyhedral approaches in combinatorial optimization), polynomial time approximation and moderately exponential approximation (mono- and multi-criteria), stochastic optimization, algorithms for dynamic instances (on-line algorithms, reoptimization), worst case complexity (with space and time complexity bounds), robustness (in linear programming and in combinatorial optimization), metaheuristics, simulation, supply chains, resource optimization, services processes, algorithms in massive databases and web service.

The team’s activities are balanced between theory and applications in the previous fields. A large part of the research lies within ANR projects and research contracts with industrial and academic partners. The team develops applications in production systems, telecommunications, discrete events simulation, multimedia data processing, management of musical digital libraries,…

Four research projects dealing with these subjects are developed in the team :


Members of the team