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Decision Aiding and Information Systems

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The overall aim of this project is to contribute at the development of a constructive approach to decision aiding both as far as its practical use in real decision processes and the implementation of information systems in real organisations is concerned.

The activities of the project focus on the following issues :

  • the concept of decision aiding process and how this is conducted in real cases ;
  • the concept of knowledge management as a basis for the development of information systems ;
  • real case studies of decision aiding, mainly in conceiving, implementing and evaluating public policies.

In a more operational way the project aims at defining practical guidelines concerning the use of decision aiding models and their insertion in real organizational contexts. The project conducts real experiences of decision aiding (mainly in the area of public policies). It is also concerned by the analysis of the communication structure within the “extended organisations” in order to be able to identify critical information.

Keywords : Decision Aiding Process, Problem Structuring and Formulation, Validation, Governance, Information systems, Knowledge Management, Public Policies.

Project members : Denis Bouyssou, VirginieGoasdoué, Leila Golestan,
Michel Grundstein, Malika Grim, Vivien Kana, Amidou K’poumié, Giulia Lucertini,
Meltem Öztürk, Hassina Raherimandimby, Camille Rosenthal Sabroux, Benjamin
Rousval, Bernard Roy, Alexis Tsoukiàs.