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Project « Algorithms for Masses of Data »

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The project "Algorithms for Masses of Data" focuses on the representation and the operation of masses of data. The past few years have witnessed the acceleration of the phenomenon of "Big data" and at the same time the increasing of the performance of processors, RAM and persistent memory, networks, the networking of cluster machines and the development of Cloud Computing. These require to rethink the management of data in order to go beyond the capabilities of traditional DBMS that offer a rich palette of tools for generic applications, but difficult to scale. In this context, the AMD project focuses on the following topics :

  • 1.The indexing and retrieval of multidimensional, multimedia, distributed, spatio-temporal, versioned documents.
  • 2. Web services management for web and heterogeneous data : web services discovery, indexing and composition, integration of data and services.
  • 3. The engineering of data-centric applications.

Members of the project :

  • Permanent members : Khalid Belhajjame, Dario Colazzo, Joyce El Haddad, Daniela Grigori, Sonia Guehis, Geneviève Jomier, Maude Manouvrier, Elsa Negre, Marta Rukoz, Michel Zam.
  • ATER, PhD students : Mohame Amine Mouhoub, Rafael Angarita.