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Decision Aiding

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The Decision Aiding pole is characterised by the broad view of its theme, focusing firstly on on the development of models and algorithms designed to provide answers to a number of decision problems (for both "human" and "automated" frameworks), and secondly on the development of a constructive approach to decision aiding, based both on theories of decision and reasoning and on experience of real decision problems, which allows the development of practical recommendations for the conduct of decision aiding and the development of information systems for decision aiding.

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These concerns are common to different aspects of decision making, whether involving multi-criterion decisions, group decisions, decisions made under uncertainty or distributed decisions. Our research activities are at the crossroads of several disciplines (including operations research, discrete mathematics and artificial intelligence) and include the construction of preference models, the development of models of reasoning and knowledge representation, the development of new multi-criteria algorithms, computational social choice, centralised and distributed solutions to large scale problems, and the development of information systems.