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Games and social choice : axiomatic and algorithmic aspects

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Project betwenn Pôle 1 Decision Aid and Pôle 2 Combinatorial Optimization

The objective of this project is to investigate alternative mechanisms of collective decision-making and to study strategic interaction in competitive and cooperative environments. In this framework, we develop normative models (via, in particular, the axiomatic characterization of voting rules, games, solution concepts, etc.) and we analyze them from the point of view of their algorithmic difficulty and their computation.

The project is structured on two main axes :

1) computational social choice : we are interested to analyze collective decision situations (in particular, voting situations and resource sharing problems) by means of the axiomatic characterization of the related decision-making mechanisms. We are also interested to study the impact of the algorithmic complexity of such mechanisms on their effective application, as well as their vulnerability to strategic behaviour and the role played by information sharing on their implementation.

2) algorithmic games : our main interest here is the efficient calculation of solutions for games and the computational complexity of combinatorial optimization problems arising on games, the compact representation of games and the analysis of learning algorithms in dynamic interaction situations.

Keywords : algorithmic game theory, computational social choice, voting theory, axiomatic approach, strategic behaviour.