This is the website of the COST Action IC0602: Algorithmic Decision Theory

The Action aims to put together researchers coming from different fields such as Decision Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence in order to improve decision support in the presence of massive data bases, combinatorial structures, partial and/or uncertain information and distributed, possibly interoperating decision makers. Such problems arise in several real-world decision making problems such as humanitarian logistics, epidemiology, risk assessment and management, e-government, electronic commerce, and the implementation of recommender systems. The Action will coordinate ongoing research projects and provide a more solid framework to already existing networked activities.

A collection of tutorials and training materials of the Action can be seen: here

Last WG and MC meeting, Manchester Business School, 14-15/04/2011 (the MC meeting will take place the Friday 15/05/2011 at 5.30pm) Programme | Joining Instructions | Campus map

Second International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory, DIMACS, Rutgers University, NJ, USA, 26-28/10/2011 (information)

Doctoral Training School on "Applying Decision Analysis to Real Problems", Manchester Business School, 10-13/04/2011 (information)

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