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14th Decision Deck Workshop
Paris, September 20th 2017
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The 14th Decision Deck workshop will take place on September 20th 2017. It is organised by LAMSADE - University of Paris Dauphine.

What is Decision Deck?

The Decision Deck project aims at collaboratively developing tools to support the Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding (MCDA) process. The purpose of the project is to provide effective tools for three types of "users":

  • consultants or analysts who use MCDA tools to support actual decision makers involved in real world decision problems;
  • teachers who present MCDA methods in courses;
  • researchers who want to test and compare methods or to develop new one.

Purpose of the workshop

  • to gather the contributors and friends of the Decision Deck project;
  • to present the latest advances and developemet of the project;
  • to present and discuss applications of MCDA;
  • to present and discuss future developement of the project.

Target audience of the workshop

  • researchers and students in MCDA;
  • software developers interested in decision support tools;
  • analysts or consultants using MCDA techniques;
  • industries and public institutions dealing with decision problems.