The joint meeting of the EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems and of the UK OR Society Decision Analysis Special Interest Group (DASIG) is part of the activities the LAMSADE and its international partners conduct since the early 2000.

The meeting scheduled for the 30th of November concerns a crucial area of Decision Support: collaborative decision making and automated systems supporting it. Interested participants can see the call of papers published at the Working Groupís site.

The meeting scheduled for the 1st of December follows the workshop organised a year ago (always at Dauphine) about Evidence Based Policy Making as part of their joint project on Algorithmic Decision Theory (see more at the COST Action IC0602 and the DIMACS Special Focus on the same subject.

Both meetings are part of the GDRI (Groupement de Recherche Internationale) ALGODEC funded by a pool of European Research Institutions including the CNRS.


Both workshops aim at presenting recent advances in their respective areas and at setting an agenda for the future.

The possibility of publishing a special issue of a major scientific journal is being considered.