Arianna Novaro: Repeated Fair Allocation of Indivisible Items

15 June 23

Thursday June 15, 2023 at 11am (room A707)

Speaker: Arianna Novaro (CES, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)

Title Repeated Fair Allocation of Indivisible Items

Summary: The problem of fairly allocating a set of indivisible items is a well-known challenge in the field of (computational) social choice. In this scenario, there is a fundamental incompatibility between notions of fairness (such as envy-freeness and proportionality) and economic efficiency (such as Pareto-optimality). However, in the real world, items are not always allocated once and for all, but often repeatedly. For example, the items may be recurring chores to distribute in a household. Motivated by this, we have initiated the study of the repeated fair division of indivisible goods and chores and we have proposed a formal model for this scenario. In this talk, I will discuss some initial results on the (im)possibility of obtaining fairness guarantees in this new framework.

(Joint work with Ayumi Igarashi, Martin Lackner, Oliviero Nardi).