Victory of Quentin COHEN-SOLAL & Tristan CAZENAVE at the 24th Computer Olympiad

7 September 21

Quentin COHEN-SOLAL, postdoctoral PRAIRIE chair researcher, and Tristan CAZENAVE, university professor and artificial intelligence specialist, won 11 gold medals at the 24th Computer Olympiad.

After a win of 5 gold medals at the Computer Olympiad the last year, our researchers came out unprecedentedly victorious in 11 games : Surakarta, Hex 11, Hex 13, Hex 19, Havannah 8, Havannah 10, Othello, Amazons, Breakthrough, Canadian Draughts, Brazilian Draughts. 

The Computer Olympiad is an international competition, organised by the International Computer Games Association (ICGA community), and is a meeting place for artificial intelligence of different computer games.

Please, visit the community website to see the results :

For more details about the Deep Reinforcement Learning (DRL) system, used in Quentin and Tristan programs, consult the article, accepted to the workshop Reinforcement Learning in Games at AAAI this year :

This information was also published on the Paris Dauphine PSL university main website :