Tomasz Wąs: Axiomatic Characterization of PageRank

14 June 22

June 14 2022 at 10am. Room A707

(and also online, please ask the link to the organizers)

Tomasz Wąs (Warsaw University)

Title:  Axiomatic Characterization of PageRank

The issue of identifying the most important nodes is at the core of network science. In my talk, I will focus on an axiomatic approach to this problem. Specifically, I will introduce six simple properties that characterize PageRank. Each of these properties is satisfied by many centrality measures, but, what is important, PageRank is the only centrality measure that satisfies all of them. This way, we obtain new conceptual and theoretical foundations of PageRank that can be used to determine suitability of this centrality measure in specific applications.

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