Transversal Project of  Combinatorial Optimization, Algorithms and Data science

The objective of this research project is to propose models and algorithms for managing internet services. An internet service can be seen as software that can be dynamically discovered and invoked across the web. With the proliferation of e-commerce technologies and data access on the web, services have become increasingly popular and essential. These services can offer both "simple" read / write access to data and / or documents as well as more complex functionalities such as trip planning. The composition of services makes it possible to group within a coherent "whole" invocations to different services which can be concurrent (i.e. touching the same data). In addition, it very often happens that many services meet the same set of functional needs: to book a flight, for example, a customer can choose several airlines. These services are distinguished from each other by their transactional properties (in a simplified way are compensable or not) and by their non-functional properties, such as the quality of service criteria (reputation, reliability, execution time, etc.).

The Services project is made up of the following research lines:

Discovery, composition and reliable execution of web services

Aggregate search for data and services for linked data