2023 CNRS application period

The 2023 application period for researcher positions at France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) has opened today, for appointments starting in September 2023 (with option to postpone by up to 5 months). Applications are due by 5 January 2023. 

CNRS researchers work at universities and institutes all across France in all disciplines (there are 11,000 of us in total). These positions are unique in that they come with complete freedom to do research, with no teaching obligations. CNRS researchers become tenured permanent civil servants after 1 year in the job. There is also some freedom to combine the CNRS position with a second affiliation.

For junior researchers (junior = at most 7 years since you started as a PhD student, excluding parental leave etc), this year there are 

- 8 positions in computer science (N.06/02),
- 4 positions in economics (N.37/02), and 
- 1 position in politics with the priority theme “algorithms and data: decision-making and public policy” (N.40/03).

https://www.cnrs.fr/en/node/7031 (general information about the process)

https://gestionoffres.dsi.cnrs.fr/fo/offres/default-en.php (list of all positions)