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PhD thesis proposals 2023

(See the instructions to apply at the bottom of the page)

Graph Transformers, Deep Reinforcement Learning and Combinatorial Optimization

Supervisors: Ararat Harutyunyan and Tristan Cazenave

Description du sujet

Learning in Stochastic Games

Supervisors: Rida Laraki and Guillaume Vigeral

Description du sujet

On Managing Dynamic Knowledge Graphs

Supervisors: Khalid Belhajjame and Maude Manouvrier

Description du sujet

Computational aspects of approximate stable outcomes

Supervisors: Angelo Fanelli and Laurent Gourvès

Description du sujet

Privacy in the Interpolation Regime

Supervisors: Muni Sreenivas Pydi and Jamal Atif

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To apply for the LAMSADE doctoral contract: 

Address a specific application file for the LAMSADE doctoral contract to the secretary of the doctoral school at the following address:, before May, 9th 2023.

This file includes:  

  • The resume ;  
  • The Master 1 and Master 2’s transcripts (for the current Master 2, the state of the marks available by candidates) ; 
  • The recommendation letters of the thesis director ;  
  • The candidate cover letter ; 
  • A thesis project ;  
  • The doctoral contract form available on ADUM (see below) ;  
  • The complete file for the admission asking for the first year of thesis (availaible after you have completed your account on ADUM).  

Auditions will take place on May 16th, 2023 to select applications that will be examined during the council of the doctoral school mid-June 2023. 

An application for the first year of doctorate is required on ADUM concurrently from April 12th to May 22nd 2023 :