Meltem and Stefano : An overview on the three musketeers of the social ranking problem

18 mai 21

Meltem Ozturk and Stefano Moretti from LAMSADE  THEMIS ANR Project

Jeudi 20 mai 2021 à 10h00 via MS Teams

Donné par Meltem Ozturk et Stefano Moretti du LAMSADE  (ANR THEMIS)

Résumé :

We shortly introduce the three (or four) musketeers of the social ranking problem: the ordinal Banzhaf solution [5], the lexicographic excellence (lex-cel) solution [3] and the size-based lexicographic solution(s) [2]; a fourth one, the CP-majority solution [4], that is not really a solution in general, but it is used to fight with the others on some restricted domains. As in a classical novel, where dogmas affect society, we discuss some properties for solutions that have been used to axiomatically characterize the four solutions [2-5]. Being aware of the potential machination of power in the realm of social ranking problems, we finally introduce some results about the ability of our musketeers to resist to manipulation [1].