Meltem Öztürk and Stefano Moretti: An overview on the three musketeers of the social ranking problem

18 mai 21

Meltem Öztürk and Stefano Moretti from LAMSADE  THEMIS ANR Project

Jeudi 20 mai 2021 à 10h00 via MS Teams

Donné par Meltem Öztürk et Stefano Moretti du LAMSADE  (ANR THEMIS)

Résumé :

We shortly introduce the three (or four) musketeers of the social ranking problem: the ordinal Banzhaf solution, the lexicographic excellence (lex-cel) solution and the size-based lexicographic solution(s); a fourth one, the CP-majority solution, that is not really a solution in general, but it is used to fight with the others on some restricted domains. As in a classical novel, where dogmas affect society, we discuss some properties for solutions that have been used to axiomatically characterize the four solutions. Being aware of the potential machination of power in the realm of social ranking problems, we finally introduce some results about the ability of our musketeers to resist to manipulation.