Nguyen Kim Thang - "Game Efficiency through Linear Programming Duality".

10 décembre 18

11 décembre 2018, 11:00-12:00 P301

The efficiency of a game is typically quantified by the price of anarchy (PoA), defined as the worst ratio of the value of an equilibrium --- solution of the game --- and that of an optimal outcome. Given the tremendous impact of tools from mathematical programming in the design of algorithms and the similarity of the price of anarchy and different measures such as the approximation and competitive ratios, it is intriguing to develop a duality-based method to characterize the efficiency of games. 
In the talk, we present an approach based on linear programming duality to study the efficiency of games. We show that the approach provides a general recipe to analyze the efficiency of games and also to derive concepts leading to improvements. We show the applicability of the approach to the wide variety of games and environments, from congestion games to Bayesian welfare, from full-information settings to incomplete-information ones. 
We also mention some open directions.