Pietro Speroni di Fenizio: AI moderator, the next frontier of online decision making

16 novembre 21

Jeudi 18 novembre 2021 en salle C108 à 12h00. 


Abstract: Voting, as a form of collective decision making, is based upon a series of basic assumptions:

Everybody answers the same closed question, at the same time.

The different voting systems ask slightly different questions and count the votes in different ways.

They are a bit like the software running on the "voting operating system".

But what if we change those assumptions. Creating instead a different operating system.

Still well defined, still fair, but more interactive. This could be done using modern technologies to ask different participants different questions.

Effectively having a simple AI moderate a decision among a group of participants.

Could this lead to the Sacred Graal: fair online decision making on open questions among countless participants?