Curriculum vitae

Nefla Ons



I am a PhD student in LAMSADE, the lab of decision making and data science at university of Dauphine. I have a degree in computer science from the Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology in Tunisia, master degree in operational research at the University of Lorraine.To have a complete academic curriculum and to specialize even more in the field  of artificial intelligence and multicriteria decision, I am currently doing a thesis at the University of Paris dauphine in co-direction with emlyon business school under supervision of Meltem Öztürk  on multi-agent approach for automated elicitation of preferences. 


Dernières publications

Communications avec actes

Nefla O., Ozturk M., Viappiani P., Brigui I. (2019), Interactive Elicitation for a Majority Sorting Model with Maximum Margin optimization, in Saša Pekeč, Kristen Brent Venable, Algorithmic Decision Theory - 6th International Conference (ADT 2019), Springer, 141-157 p.

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