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Projets UCL-PSL

Trafficking and Organised Crime Networks: A Complex Systems Approach


- Dr Hervé Borrion (UCL) []

- Dr Sonia Toubaline (Université Paris-Dauphine, Université PSL) []


University College London []

• Dr Hervé Borrion (UCL) []

• Dr Ella Cockain

• Dr Kartikeya Tripathi

• Dr Sanaz Zolghadriha

• Alberto Tibaquira Nieto

• Juliana Gomez Quintero

Université Paris-Dauphine, Université PSL []

• Dr Sonia Toubaline []

• Prof. Cristina Bazgan

• Dr Laurent Gourvès, Director of research (CNRS)

• Prof. Daniel Vanderpooten

National Police of Colombia:

• My. Ervyn Norza Céspedes, Head of the Tactical Criminology Laboratory.

• M.G. Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, Director of National Police of Colombia

Durée : 2021-2024