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The IASD Master program is intended for students who are interested in research and development careers in the field of artificial intelligence and data science. IASD enrolls students with a strong academic record, who have already validated a first year of a master degree in computer science or applied mathematics. The Master also enrolls students in their final year of engineering school (or who have already obtained an engineering degree) if the courses match the requirements. Finally, a strong taste for AI and Data Science is mandatory!
A selection will be made to select the best applications, within the limit of the maximum number of students (about forty).

Deadline for the applications: 14th of June, 2019.

To apply: click here.

You can also apply for a PRAIRIE fellowship (same deadline), more details.

Prairie fellowship

The PRAIRIE Institute (Paris Artificial Intelligence Research Institute) offers M2 scholarships for the IASD Master’s degree.

The selected students will receive a grant of up to €1 000 per month.

If you want to apply:

  1. follow the procedure described on the webpage of the PRAIRIE grants  and send your application to the director of the master program: tristan.cazenave@dauphine.psl.eu,
  2. apply to the IASD master program before the 14 of June 2019

The jury will be composed of members of the IASD Master and of PRAIRIE, and will favor students with excellent academic record.


The IASD master program is also available as apprenticeship training.

More info here.