Computation, Communication, Rationality and Incentives in Collective and Cooperative Decision Making

The goal of CoCoRICo-CoDec is the study of several classes several classes of collective decision problems under three point of views:

  • the impact of the computational difficulties of the mechanisms involved
  • the impact of their communication requirements;
  • their vulnerability to strategic behaviour.

The classes of problems we consider concern groups of agents who have to reach a stable state or a common decision:

  1. coalition structure formation, where agents have to be partitioned into groups;
  2. selection of a common alternative, or a collective set of alternatives, subject to some constraints: voting (single-winner elections, committee elections, multiple referenda), group recommendation, multi-facility location;
  3. fair allocation of indivisible resources.

There is finally a work package whose role will be to implement some of the methods and solutions from other work packages on a collective decision platform to be tested on real users and used for pedagogical purposes.