• 27-28 May 2019: Workshop CoCoRICo-CoDec!
  • 27-30 August 2019: summer school Pluridisciplinary Analysis of Collective Decision Making, funded by CoCoRICo-CoDec
  • Two CoCoRICo papers presented at AAMAS 2019:
    • Manel Ayadi, Nahla Ben Amor, Jérôme Lang, Dominik Peters: Single Transferable Vote: Incomplete Knowledge and Communication Issues
    • Aurélie Beynier, Sylvain Bouveret, Michel Lemaître, Nicolas Maudet, Simon Rey and Parham Shams (2019). Efficiency, Sequenceability and Deal-Optimality in Fair Division of Indivisible Goods
  • Six CoCoRICo papers presented at IJCAI 2019!
    • Stéphane Airiau, Haris Aziz, Ioannis Caragiannis, Justin Kruger, Jérôme Lang, Dominik Peters: Portioning Using Ordinal Preferences: Fairness and Efficiency.
    • Khaled Belahcene, Christophe Labreuche, Nicolas Maudet, Vincent Mousseau, Wassila Ouerdane. Comparing options with argument schemes powered by cancellation
    • Vittorio Bilò, Angelo Fanelli, Michele Flammini, Gianpiero Monaco, Luca Moscardelli: Optimality and Nash Stability in Additively Separable Generalized Group Activity Selection Problems.
    • Katarína Cechlárová, Laurent Gourvès and Julien Lesca: On the Problem of Assigning PhD Grants.
    • Hossein Khani, Stefano Moretti, Meltem Öztürk: An Ordinal Banzhaf Index for Social Ranking
    • Hugo Martin and Patrice Perny: BiOWA for Preference Aggregation with Bipolar Scales: Application to Fair Optimization in Combinatorial Domains.
  • A CoCoRICo paper recently presented at ACM-EC 2019:
    • François Durand, Antonin Macé, and Matías Núñez. Analysis of Approval Voting in Poisson Games
  • Two CoCoRICo papers recently presented at SAGT 2019:
    • Vittorio Bilò, Laurent Gourvès and Jérôme Monnot: On a Simple Hedonic Game with Graph-Restricted Communication.
    • Bruno Escoffier, Hugo Gilbert, Adèle Pass-Lanneau: The Convergence of Iterative Delegations in Liquid Democracy in a Social Network.
  • A CoCoRICo paper recently published in 'Group Decision and Negotiation':
    • Vincent Merlin, Ipek Özkal Sanver and Remzi Sanver, Compromise Rules Revisited, Group Decision and Negociation (2019) 28: 63.
  • Two CoCoRICo papers recently published in 'Theoretical Computer Science':
    • Haris Aziz, Péter Biró, Jérôme Lang, Julien Lesca, Jérôme Monnot: Efficient reallocation under additive and responsive preferences.
    • Laurent Gourvès, Jérôme Monnot: On maximin share allocations in matroids.
  • A CoCoRICo paper recently published in 'Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems':

Sylvain Bouveret, Katarína Cechlárová and Julien Lesca (2019). Chore Division on a Graph.

  • A CoCoRICo paper recently published in 'Social Choice and Welfare':
    • Frédéric Chantreuil, Sébastien Courtin, K. Fourrey and Isabelle Lebon. A note on the decomposability of inequality measures.
  • A CoCoRICo paper recently published in 'Journal of Combinatorial Optimization':
    • Laurent Gourvès: Agreeable sets with matroidal constraints.
  • A CoCoRICo paper to appear in International Economic Review:
    • Sean Horan, Martin Osborne and Remzi Sanver: Positively responsive collective choice rules and majority rule: A generalization of May’s theorem to many alternatives.
  • A CoCoRICo paper to appear in B.E. Journal of Theoreticals Economics:
    • Sébastien Courtin and Bernard Tchantcho: The public good indices for games with several levels of approval.