Computer Games Workshop at IJCAI 2015, July 26 2015

It is planned to publish the proceedings with Springer in their Communications in Computer and Information Science series CCIS


09h00-09h30 Argumentative AI Director using Defeasible Logic Programming. Ramiro A. Agis, Andrea Cohen, Diego C. Martinez.

09h30-10h00 Path planning with Inventory-driven Jump-Point-Search. Davide Aversa, Stavros Vassos, Sebastian Sardina.

10h00-10h30 An Experimental Investigation on the Pancake Problem. Bruno Bouzy.

10h30-11h00 Coffee Break

11h00-11h30 Multi-Agent Retrograde Analysis. Tristan Cazenave.

11h30-12h00 A Principled Approach to the Problem of Chunking in UCT. Marc Chee, Abdallah Saffidine, Michael Thielscher.

12h00-12h30 Learning to Trade in Strategic Board Games. Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Simon Keizer, Oliver Lemon.

12h30-14h00 Lunch Break

14h00-14h30 485 - a new upper bound for Morpion Solitaire. Henryk Michalewski, Andrzej Nagorko, Jakub Pawlewicz.

14h30-15h00 Sequential Halving for Partially Observable Games. Tom Pepels, Tristan Cazenave, Mark H.M. Winands.

15h00-15h30 Challenges and Progress on Using Large Lossy Endgame Databases in Chinese Checkers. Nathan R. Sturtevant.

15h30-16h00 The Surakarta Bot Revealed. Mark H.M. Winands.

16h00-16h30 Coffee Break


A workshop on computer games is to be held at IJCAI 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The topics of the workshop concern all aspects of artificial intelligence for computer games. This includes :

Important dates

Paper Submission Extended Deadline: May 18, 2015

Acceptance Notification: May 27, 2015

Final Papers: June 8, 2015

Paper Submission Requirements

Papers of 10 to 15 pages in LNCS format are preferred. The file format for submission is PDF. Submitted papers should be sent to

Program Committee

Yngvi Bjornsson, Reykjavik University

Bruno Bouzy, University Paris-Descartes

Tristan Cazenave (chair), University Paris-Dauphine

Stefan Edelkamp (chair), University of Bremen

Hiroyuki Iida, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Nicolas Jouandeau, University Paris 8

Sylvain Lagrue, University of Artois

Marc Lanctot, Google DeepMind

Simon Lucas, University of Essex

Jean Mehat, University Paris 8

Martin Mueller, University of Alberta

Arpad Rimmel, Supelec

Thomas Philip Runarsson, University of Iceland

Abdallah Saffidine, University of New South Wales

Nathan Sturtevant, University of Denver

Fabien Teytaud, University of Littoral Cote d'Opale

Mark Winands (chair), Maastricht University

Shi-Jim Yen, National Dong Hwa University