October 2, 2008

Assistant Professor
University of Paris Dauphine

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Research interests

My current research activity addresses the composition of transactional Web services.

The recent approaches for Web services composition tend to integrate heterogeneous business processes executed in peer-to-peer networks. In such networks, component Web services are invoked on independent peers and are orchestrated according to the transactional requirements defined by the designers or the users of the composite Web service. Since component Web services can be dynamically invoked and are generally implemented as black boxes, concurrency between them may appear.


My other research activity deals with fault tolerant distributed algorithms.

Several approaches were developed for this purpose, such as self stabilization (algorithms that guarantee a return to correct behavior within finite time after all faulty behavior ceases) and fault containment (algorithms that contain the effects of limited transient faults). Our work aims at extending the application of both of these approaches. Concerning self stabilization, we have designed a scheduling protocol for a network of robots communicating on a fixed set of locations. This algorithm solves the management of visits to these locations ensuring that after the stabilizing phase, every visit to a location will lead to a communication. Another algorithm computes the minimum hop path between a specific robot's location and the locations of all the other robots of the system in order to implement routing. Concerning fault containment, we design an algorithm for constructing a rooted spanning tree in an arbitrary network.

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Joyce El Haddad
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