Professional web page of Laurent Gourvès

CNRS Researcher (DR) Université Paris Dauphine-PSL +33(0) 1 44 05 41 62
Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny
LAMSADE, CNRS UMR 7243 75016 Paris, France Office P220



Combinatorial optimization, approximation Publication list Head of Pôle 2 of LAMSADE
Algorithmic aspects of games, decision, and social choice dblp HAL Doctoral School: head of the CS program


Program committee membership

Details here AAAI [2015-17-19-20-21], AAMAS [2019-21-22-23-24] ACM EC 2012, ADT 2021, COSI [2009-10-11-12], ECAI [2016-23-24], FCT 2021, IJCAI [2016-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24], ISCO 2016, MFCS 2016, SAGT [2019-22], SING13, WAOA 2014, WINE [2011-15]

PhD students



Christos Tsoufis [2023-) with A. Fanelli PSL/UCL Traff. and OC Nets [2021-23] Tribute to Jérôme Monnot: Conference+TCS SI+1024
Pierre Cardi [2019-) with J. Lesca ANR THEMIS [2021-24]
Lucas Baudin [2019-23] with R. Laraki & G. Vigeral ANR COCORICO [2014-2019] Workshop for Mike Fellows' DHC
Nikolaos Melissinos [2020-22] with A. Harutyunyan ANR COCA [2009-13] (coordinator)
Anaëlle Wilczynski [2015-18] with J. Lesca ANR GUEPARD [2009-13] The PhD training webpage
Lydia Tlilane [2011-14] with J. Monnot PSL MULTIFAC [2017-18]
PGMO DAMPER [2018-21] CNRS tools: Ariane, Agate-Tempo, BibCNRS, Crac
PHC STEFANIK [2018-19]