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Depuis mars 2020, un travail multiforme sur la crise COVID

Dont un livre avec Victorien Barbet 





Directrice de Recherche at CNRS in economics (section 37) and environment (CID 52), at LAMSADE since 2015, I am interested in using complex systems modelling (mainly agent-based) to study environmental issues.

My general approach is related to the notion of POLICY ANALYTICS, trying to re-think decision support in the context of public policy (please refer to my current projects and the seminar of our policy analytics project in LAMSADE).

In this perspective I am interested in

·       self-organized activities of non-profit organisations (particularly in food chains), their shape, dynamics of emergence and their implication on democratic processes

·       conflicts in the context of environmental controversies. in particular in contexts of sanitary risks, via the encounters of arguments, from multiple points of view.

·       in a more general context: the role and place of scientific knowledge in democratic processes

·       interest in the relation between art (singular point of view) and science (attempt to attain objective knowledge) – in particular in a seminar dealing about sustainable development with scientists and artists, at Iméra, Marseille


My past interest was more concentrated on the use of Agent-Based Simulations for analysing social complexity  in markets (learning, trust building) and social influence in organizations and also learning facing renewable resources.

Please consult my publications. (more general : ResearchGate, Hal-SHS)

The list of my phD students.

Example of teaching : 6-hour class at level Master 2 (without time for actually trying out NetLogo)


My former web site : http://www.vcharite.univ-mrs.fr/PP/rouchier/pagePrincipale.html


Blog : https://blogs.mediapart.fr/bluejuliette