Functional Programming TD/TP

Spring 2022

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General Information

Course name: Functional Programming
Instructors: Michail Lampis, Lucas Baudin, Théo Delemazure.

This is the web page for the three groups of TD/TP for the Functional Programming course of L2.

We meet in three groups:

General rules:

  1. For the TP you will be asked to complete a number of programming exercises. The sum of all these exercises counts for 20% of your final grade.
  2. Exercises will be posted here and discussed in the lab (or via Teams if the pandemic situation dictates it). Each exercise will have a deadline that must be respected. After the deadline an example solution will be posted here.
  3. Students are expected to work in pairs. You are allowed to discuss the problems with your friends, but normal academic integrity rules apply and will be enforced. In particular, you are not allowed to copy all or pieces of a program written by anyone else (including sources on the internet). If in doubt, please contact your instructor about what is allowed.
  4. Your lab instructor will inform the class about how you are expected to submit your solutions for grading.

TD Schedule

Lecture No. Exercises Example code
1 TD1

TP Schedule

Lecture No. Exercises Deadline Solution
1 TP1 4/2