Object-Oriented Programming

Spring 2019

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General Information

Course name: Object-Oriented Programming (Programmation Objet)
Instructor: Michail Lampis
Email: michail.lampis AT dauphine.fr

As the name suggests, the topic of this course is the paradigm of Object-Oriented Programming, for which we will use the programming language Java. We will discuss basic notions regarding programming with objects, such as encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and explain how these ideas work in Java.

More information on the topics to be covered appears in the schedule below (which will be updated during the semester).

The course consists of 1.5 hours of weekly lectures, followed by 1.5 hours of TD, and 1.5 hours of TP. Students are partitioned into three groups for the TD/TP.

Additional Material / (Freely available) Bibliography

Course Schedule

Lecture No. Date Topic Notes and code
1 22/1 Introduction slides
2 29/1 Objects, Encapsulation slides
3 5/2 Inheritance slides
4 12/2 More inheritance, Polymorphism
5 19/2 Abstract Data Types slides
6 26/2 More Abstract Data Types
7 12/3 Interfaces slides, code
8 26/3 Exceptions slides
9 2/4 Generics slides
10 9/4 More Generics and Collections
11 16/4 Collections slides
12 7/5 Lambda expressions slides
13 14/5 Revision