·        Master 1 Computer Science at Paris Dauphine University (1ere année de Master - Parcours Informatique, Décision et Données).

am professor of a 36 hours course in Game Theory (5 credits) for

o   Course : Game theory (36 hours, 5 credits)

·        Master MODO (Modélisation Optimisation, Décision et Organisation) qui est cohabilité par l’Université Paris-Dauphine, Mines ParisTech et AgroParisTech.

o   Course : Théorie de la décision et théorie des jeux (6 hours, en collaboration avec Lucie Galand, LAMSADE)

o   Atelier de recherche : Intelligence Artificielle et Décision (en collaboration avec plusieurs collègues du LAMSADE)

·        Master Peace Studies de la mention Affaires internationales et developpement, Université Paris-Dauphine

o   Course : Modèles décisionnels avancés (9 hours, en collaboration avec Meltem Öztürk, LAMSADE)

·        Programme doctoral en informatique de l’Université Paris-Dauphine 2016/2017.

o   Course : Cooperative games and their applications (18 hours)

Objectives: to introduce the main theoretical concepts and results from cooperative game theory; the algorithmic analysis of cooperative games associated to different operation research problems; the axiomatic analysis of power indices will be also discussed, together with their applications to real-world voting systems; discussion of some recent applications of coalitional games in computational biology.

Content: set solutions (the imputation set and the core, dominance, stable sets); one-point solutions (the Shapley value, the nucleolus, etc.); population monotonic allocation schemes; coalitonal games on communication networks; operations research games: flow games, linear production games, fixed tree games, minimum cost spanning tree games, sequencing games, inventory games; real-world voting systems (for instance, the US president election, UN security council, EU parliament, etc.); cooperative games on gene expression data; the notion of game theoretic centrality on networks.                                 

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