Since 1983, I have taught several Computer Science and Mathematics courses at several universities (besides the University Paris-Dauphine, the University of Paris I and the University of Orsay) as at National Technical University of Athens, Politecnico di Torino, Athens University of Economics and Business, Open University of Greece, University of Ioannina, Agricultural University of Athens, etc.

·       Doctoral courses:

Worst-case complexity of exact algorithms for NP-hard problems, Approximation preserving reductions, Differential approximation theory, On-line algorithms,Approximation of NP-hard problems

·       Post-graduate courses:

Complexity theory, Advanced topics of combinatorial optimization, Polynomial approximation of NP-hard problems, Deductive databases, Databases and complexity, Dynamic combinatorial optimization models

·       Undergraduate courses:

Combinatorial optimization, Discrete optimization, Design of algorithms, Algorithms and data structures, Mathematical logic, Operating systems, Operations research, Graph theory, Discrete mathematics, Artificial intelligence, Databases, Mathematics for computer science, Algorithms and complexity, Programming langages, Information theory, Theory of computation, Compilers, Performance evaluation, Probability theory