minutes of the Catania Meeting

(In progress.)

Attended by: Carlos Antunes (CA), Raymond Bisdorff (RB), Ronen Braffman (RB), Gerhard Brewka (GB), Ioannis Caragiannis (IC), Jozesf Dombi (JD), Florent Domenach (FD), Ulle Endriss (UE), José Figueira (JF), Simon French (SF), Salvatore Greco (SG), Ulrich Junker (UJ), Nicolas Maudet (NM), Marc Pirlot (MP), Barry O'Sullivan (BoS), David Rios Insua (DR), Roman Slowinski (RS), Alexis Tsoukias (AT), Esko Turunen (ET)

(1) Report on past events

VM and RB present the Decision Deck project. The aim is to develop a common platform for different MCDA methods. 1st workshop held in 2007 in Luxembourg, 2nd was postponed and eventually held mid-Feb. in Paris, next one planned in Coimbra in June.
Two expected achievements of the project: (1) XML-standard representation of DA problems (web-service oriented architecture); (2) book project: to gather examples of real applications of MCDA.

SG reports on the Doctoral School on MCDA, Data Mining and Rough Sets held in Troina just before this MC meeting. Very economic because many COST invited speakers came also for the MC meeting. Very busy programme, but lively. About 30 students from all over Europe, plus Iran. The organizers accepted most reasonable students.

(2) Report on STSMs

See UE's slides.
ET wonders about non PhD students (eg. very promising Master's students). UE and AT says should be ok. In general, ok if it helps the networking. People from industry can also apply.
Next call: mid-Sept.

(3) Budget (AT)

  • Admin constraints: 45 days to get refunded.
  • Possible to get refund on insurance for flights, so it's a good policy to do that because: (1) it allows to book early safely; (2) avoid cancellation without refund...
  • Money reallocation proposal: +2000 decision deck (Coimbra/Lux.) (under dissemination activities), 2000 for the website (under dissemination activities),
    1000 Amsterdam workshop. Agreed by the MC.
  • 140KE claimed for 2008--2009 (likely to get less than that).
See also the related document.

(4) Future Activities (AT)

DR presents the forthcoming event organized by ESF: 3 of the COST actions to organize workshops this summer (July) in Barcelona. Our action to be represented with a workshop entitled "DA for a better and safer world".

AT proposes to plan future activities the following way:
  • Spring meeting: informal meeting/WGs/doctoral school
  • Fall meeting: Conference
Follows a general discussion about this proposal in general, and about the idea of holding an "algorithmic decision theory" conference in particular.

AT says 2,5 days with 2 parallel sessions makes less than 60 papers, hence less than 100 people. UJ mentions that this conference could build on/absorb the workshop on "Preference Handling", so already about 30 papers can be counted in. AT mentions the possibility to run this under the auspices of mini-EURO or ECCAI. SF raises the concern that proceedings value are declining in institutions. JF says maybe too many conferences. RS is afraid of maybe this would diluate a bit the effort of the action. GB proposes to start with a conference every two years. In general, the general policy of testing the idea/feasibility is approved by the committee. Different options are then put forward as potential venues: Venice, Finland, Coimbra...

(5) New signatures (AT)

AT reports on potential new partners of the action.
  • Norway: no real news.
  • Turkey (Remzi Sanver, ??): agreed.
  • DIMACS and NCTA (Tobby Walsh): under consideration by some COST committee.

(6) Next meeting

28--31 October, Paris. (28: WGs, 29: tutorials, 31pm: MC meeting)

(7) Varia

The committee appoints FD and SF as financial reviewers of the action.