minutes of the Coimbra Meeting

(1.)Welcome to participants
The meeting starts at 6:15pm. Ulle Endriss chairs the MC meeting in the absence of Alexis Tsoukias, due to the ashes cloud. Other people could not attend for the same reason. See the attached list of attendees
(2.)Adoption of agenda
The agenda is approved by the MC.
(3.)Minutes of last meeting
The minutes are approved by the MC.
(4.)Matters arising
CA briefly reports on the International Conference on Uncertainty and Robustness in Planning and Decision Making (URPDM): high success with about 75 people attending, coming from more than 25 countries. A special issue of a journal is planned with selected papers from the conference.
UE briefly reports about the Doctoral School on Computational Social Choice (Estoril). High success as well, with 60 applicants (among which 50 were accepted) and eventually 45 attendees. Very nice atmosphere.
RB also reports very positively on the Decision Deck workshop which took place in Coimbra.
The topics developed within the ALGODEC action will be investigated through a DIMACS special focus for the years 2010-2013 (maybe supported by a NSF funding). The 2nd Algorithmic Decision Theory conference is due to take place at Rutgers.
The MC approves the three following modifications to the current budget:
500 EUR for the organisation of a WG1 meeting in February (Paris)
1500 EUR to reimburse AT’s visit to DIMACS to discuss matters regarding the follow-up ADT conference.
raising to 10000 EUR the support to the Estoril Doctoral School due to unexpectedly high attendance.
Budget 2009-2010 close to upper limit see the attached document for details. A discussion takes place on different ways to limit the budget of the current MC meeting so that the budget is fine even in the worst-case scenario (in case more money is available extra STSMs can be funded). Eventually, the following proposal is approved by the MC: limit the reimbursement for this MC meeting to 120 euros a day (no meal reimbursed). The MC also requests that the Grant Holder shall find out whether any funds remain at the earliest opportunity and communicate this to the MC.
(5.)Report from the COST Office
None (in the absence of the COST officer).
(6.)News from the COST Office
Status of Action, including participating countries
(7.)Budget status, budget planning and allocation process
Progress report of working groups
DRI for WG1: the working group was fully involved in the URPDM conference.
UE for WG3: a half-a-day working group meeting took place on Thursday
SG for WG4: a half-a-day working group meeting took place on Thursday, including reflections on possible follow-ups for this Action.
(8.)Action planning
Action Budget Planning
The budget planning is approved. See attached document.
Action Planning (including meetings)
Location and date of next meeting
Next meeting to take place on Thursday 16/09 in Dusseldorf, co-located with COMSOC (13/09--16/09).
Long-term planning (including anticipated locations and dates of future meetings)
Spring 2011 MC meeting to take place in Manchester. SF: The meeting will be co-located with a Doctoral School on “Applications of MCDA”, focusing on practical situations and involving exercises with students.
(9.)STSM status, applications
Highest budget allocated so far (EUR 21800), with a ratio of 16/22 Early Stage Researchers. All STSMs are documented on the (10.)Action's website.
Publications, dissemination and outreach activities
RB informs the members of the high success of the Decision Deck project, with now more than 50 methods available online, and the tool becoming increasingly used world-wide as a teaching support.
(11.)Request for new members
The case of a possible membership from Czech Republic is informally mentioned (ET), but it seems now late to encourage new members to join (UE).
(12.)Promotion of gender balance and of Early Stage Researchers (ESR)
The Action is very successful in terms of promoting ESRs (see agenda item on STSMs). On the other hand, the number of female researchers involved in the Action is still small and this should be improved (UE).
(13.)Non-COST country participations
UE reminds the members of the possibility to apply for a few (extra-budget) STSMs in the specific partners institutions of this action. One recently approved to NICTA (Australia).
(14.)Web news
All the relevant information still available online at
The meeting is closed at 7: 15pm.