minutes of the Cork Meeting

(1.) Welcome to participants
Attendees: Alexis Tsoukias, Ulle Endriss, Carlos Antunes, Rayond Bisdorff, Ronen Brafman, Ioannis Caragiannis, Jozesf Dombi, José Figuiera, Manfred Jaeger, Ulrich Junker, Barry O'Sullivan, Eleni Pratsini, Francesca Rossi, Antanas Verikas, Ahti Salo, Yousef Malik, Nicolas Maudet, Albena Tchamova.
(2.) Adoption of agenda
The agenda is adopted by the Management Committee.
(3.) Minutes of last meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting are approved by the MC.
(4.) Matters arising
(5.) Report from the COST Office
News from the COST Office
Status of Action, including participating countries
Budget status, budget planning and allocation process
(6.) Progress report of working groups
(7.) Action planning
  • 6.1 Annual Progress Conference (preparation and/or feedback from DC)
See attached document. Progress Report
  • 6.2 Action Budget Planning
See attached document: Budget Plan
  • 6.3 Action Planning (including meetings)
  • 6.3.1 Location and date of next meeting
The next MC meeting will take place in Venice, on the 23rd of October 2009, co-located with the first International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory. There is the possibility to also organize WG meetings before, but not decided yet. Alexis Tsoukias proposes to visit Padova to set up the organisational details with the local organizers. The MC approves.
  • 6.3.2 Long-term planning (including anticipated locations and dates of future meetings)
The Spring 2010 MC meeting will take place in Coimbra, with the co-located doctoral school in Lisbon.
Alexis Tsoukias mentions the possibility to organize some joint event with two COST related actions: one on Agreement Technologies and one on Soft Computing. The principle to apply is that each Action invites on its own budget colleagues from other Actions.
The MC has also discussed in length whether the opportunity to have the next ADT conference in the US (Lexington), as proposed by Judy Goldsmith, would be interesting. There seems to be pros and cons. In short, the offer is clearly attracting, but: there is the danger that the action could not support the conference a second time if it occurs indeed in 2011, and there would be some difficulties co-locating a MC meeting together with the conference.
Alexis Tsoukias also mentions the possibility to colocate the Fall 2010 MC Meeting with COMSOC-2010 in Düsseldorf, as a good way to keep the attendance high. The MC agrees.
Finally, Ronen Brafman puts forward the idea to organize a meeting including industrial partners. A workshop of WG2 is going to take place in Luxembourg for that purpose.
(8.) STSM status, applications
At the time of the meeting, the figures are the following: 10 STSMs have been completed, among which 7 are early stage researchers (ESR), for a total amount of 11900€. On top of that, 2 STSMs (inc. 1 ESR) are taken on the Australia budget, for an amount of 4200€.
There are still some opportunities to get some STSM by the end of June, given the initial 15k€ commitment.
(9.) Publications, dissemination and outreach activities
(10.) Request for new members
The MC approves the membership of Bulgaria and South Africa (same agreement as with Australia).
(11.) Promotion of gender balance and of Early Stage Researchers (ESR)
A new doctoral school is planned co-located with the April 2010 meeting in Portugal, on the topic of “Social Choice” (dates should be 10-14 of April). Two other schools are also supported by the Action: one in Thessaloniki with ICAPS on Planning and Scheduling, the other one on Multicriteria Decision Making in Paris.
(12.) Non-COST country participations
The Council of Industrial and Scientific Research of South Africa asked to join the Action. As AT reports the demand is going to follow the usual approval process after the MC decision.
(13.) Web news
(14.) AOB
(15.) Closing