minutes of the Paris Meeting

Attended by: Carlos Antunes (CA), Raymond Bisdorff (RB), Ronen Braffman (RB), Gerhard Brewka (GB), Ioannis Caragiannis (IC), Jozesf Dombi (JD), Carmel Domshlak (CD), Florent Domenach (FD), Ulle Endriss (UE), José Figueira (JF), Ulrich Junker (UJ), Nicolas Maudet (NM), Marc Pirlot (MP), David Rios Insua (DR), Alexis Tsoukias (AT), Esko Turunen (ET)

(1) Budget previous year

(2) Budget next year
100KE allocated.

(FR) notes that there will be expenses for the ADT conference between now and June.
(CD) involved in the organization of ICAPS Summer School, but the event is too late (September).
(AT) proposes to introduce two new items in the budget "Cost 2009/2010" to plan ahead these events: 3KE for Venice and 5KE for ICAPS.

(2) Report on STSMs

4 STMs in the previous round, for a total of 5100 euros. Next call deadline is 10/12/08.
(UE) mentions the new opportunity to use STSMs for Australia. The COST office can fund directly up to 2.5KE. The procedure should be as follows: (1) apply as usual to the STSM committee, any time, for at most 2.5KE; (2) if approved, apply to the COST office.
This is currently a pilot program, so we should show interest.
Is it possible to apply for other institutions in Australia beyond NICTA? Not sure, to be checked.

(4) Doctoral School and Cork Meeting (AT)

The doctoral school will focus on two main subjects: (i) Constraint Satisfaction and Optimization, (ii) Recommender Systems.
Summer School: 18--22nd of April.
COST Meeting: 23--24th of April.
As usual, book asap and plan to invite 2/3 people per WG.

(5) Next Meeting (Venice) (AT)

Tentative schedule:
20th of October: WG meeting, but needs to be specified early so that FR can make appropriate reservations.
21--23rd of October: ADT Conference, with 5 slots of long talks and 24 slots of short talks.
FR booked provisionally a number of bedrooms on the island, needs to be confirmed 3 months before the conference. Price: 90E single, 120E double as single, 130E doujble.

Tentative registration fees: 200E including lunch and dinner and proceedings; 100E students.

Finally, AT mentions the possibility to somehow interact with the COST action on "Agreement Technologies", perhaps via PC.