minutes of the Venice Meeting

(1.) Welcome to participants
The meeting starts at 6pm.
MC/SC Members:
Alexis Tsoukias, Ulle Endriss, Francesca Rossi, Josefz Dombi, Jose Figuera, Fred Roberts, Carlos Antunes, Gerd Brewka, Eleni Pratsini, Simon French, David Rios Insua, Salvatore Greco, Roman Slowinski, Raymond Bisdorff, Yannis Dimopoulos, Daniel Eckert, Antanas Verikas, Antanas Zilinskas, Ivan Chorbev, Esko Turunen, Nicolas Maudet, Patrice Perny, Ulrich Junker, Marc Pirlot.
Francesca Boscolo (COST Office), Judy Goldsmith.

(2.) Adoption of agenda
The agenda is adopted by the Management Committee.

(3.) Minutes of last meeting
The minutes of the previous meeting are approved by the MC.

(4.) Matters arising

(5.) Report from the COST Office
  • News from the COST Office
Soon a new online management system for the grant holder, input data in a new database, maybe in place for the next meeting
  • Status of Action, including participating countries
FB (science officer of COST office) reports on some news for COST Office: Bosnia Herzegovina is now a new COST country. Concluded new bilateral agreement with South Africa (an application is already in process for our Action). New scheme allows going there and vice-versa.
  • Budget status, budget planning and allocation process
Maybe more budget available (typically known in Feb.)

(6.) Progress report of working groups
No working groups this time due to the conference.

(7.) Action planning
  • Annual Progress Conference (preparation and/or feedback from DC)
  • Action Budget Planning
124K-EUR, see attached document (here). Comment from FB: what if organization cost less? Possibility to move to disseminations.
  • Action Planning (including meetings)
    • Location and date of next meeting
Next doctoral school in Estoril, near Lisbon, Portugal (9--14 April) (mostly on (COM)SOC), 30 students expected, 10 professors.
Following this is the Mini-EURO conference on “Uncertainty and Robustness in Planning and Decision Making” (15--17 April) and MC meeting on Friday afternoon, in Coimbra. Possibility to organize parallel events or sessions during the conference (apply by the end of November).
    • Long-term planning (including anticipated locations and dates of future meetings)
Meeting Fall 2010. End of September, should be colocated with COMSOC (Dusseldorf, Germany).
Last meeting of the Action (Spring 2011): April 2011, Manchester is an option. SF: should then be before Easter.
What next? Recall our COST Action ends in June 2011.
Algodec 2 is not an option. Possible options:
(a) COST Action on a related subject coming out from this action, but response for COST action may take up to 1 year.
(b) other European project that may be proposed.
Possible discussion meetings in Paris (February 2010 WG1 and WG2 and Coimbra, April 2010 WG3 and WG4).
AT proposes to discuss this issue in depth in Coimbra (next MC meeting).
Another issue that goes beyond the COST action, the next ADT conference. At some point the COST action will leave the baby to live on its own. It could take place in DIMACS. FR briefly presents DIMACS (located in New Jersey). JG: counter-proposal for 2011 in Lexington Kentucky, there is another conference colocated there could be fruitful interactions. There is an international airport (Cincinnati) next to the City. Cheaper than NY. A few thousand dollars could be used for sure (before fund-raising). This would be in March 2011. October 2011 is also possible. Decision in the next 3/4 months.
UJ: next workshop on Preference colocated with ECAI in August 2010.

(8.) STSM status, applications
UE: in Sept. 5 STSMs granted. (3750 EUR commited in Sept.). New deadline first week of December.

(9.) Publications, dissemination and outreach activities
Proceedings, Book on “Real world applications of MCDM’’, tutorials and invited lectures now available online.

(10.) Request for new members
Sweden membership is accepted.

(11.) Promotion of gender balance and of Early Stage Researchers (ESR)
Strong female participation in ADT, another positive aspect is that STSMs are mostly used by ESR.

(12.) Non-COST country participations
South Africa is joining, approval pending. STSMs have been used to go to Australia, US, etc.

(13.) Web news
Tutorials and invited lectures now available online.

(14.) AOB
FB mentions a special ESR scheme: 3 times/year (next call early 2010) for ESR to attend conference. Only one grant per action is offered. Announced on the COST website.

(15.) Closing
The MC Meeting ends at 6:50pm