I benefited from the support of an STSM to visit Ulle Endriss at ILLC (Amsterdam) from May 2nd till May 12th.

The purpose of this STSM was to discuss, establish and initiate new research directions in the field of multiagent resource allocation (MARA). It was related to both WG2 and WG3. More specifically, the topics investigated include: (1) the dynamics of resource allocation (with a special focus on fairness-oriented measures); (2) the generation of problem instances for MARA problems (with the objective of setting up the specifications of a generic problem instance generator); and more prospectively (3) experimental theory of justice (consisting in interpreting different facets of theories of justice in terms of MARA concepts) The proposal was intended to reinforce an existing collaboration between LAMSADE and ILLC, and involved also several PhD students (eg. Joel Uckelman, Cedric Degremont) at the host institution.