Purpose of the STSM:
My doctoral studies focus on designing a generic architecture for e-participation support. A relevant issue for this kind of architectures consists of the exchange of information between different modules. XML is, currently, the most used technology for exchanging information between applications. In this sense, it would be desirable to design, or modelling, a language for e-participation.

The current research of prof. Raymond Bisdorff, focuses, among other things, on the modelling of a language for Multicriteria Decision Analysis, as specified in DECISION DECK (D2), including the Universal MCDA Modeling Language (UMCDAML).

I would like this STSM to find out about UMCDAML and how I may incorporate such ideas within my architecture to support group decisions for e-participation.

Description of the work carried out during the STSM:
The visit to the University of Luxembourg has allowed me to see the research work of Prof. Raymond Bisdorff and his team. Prof. Bisdorff had prepared a serie of events, such as:

• Presentation on XMCDA (XML Multiple Criteria Decision Aid) where they explained me the structure of XML documents they use to solve Multiple Criteria Decision problems. Furthermore, they explained me its evolution since they started working on it, how they have introduced new features, and some changes they have done since the project started, sometimes for their own initiative and others due to customers’ suggestion.

• Presentation of diviz platform of the Decision Deck project and how they use web services to support decision making. They showed me the repository where the web services are located, which are open source, and anyone could add new services by contacting the administrator (Patrick Meyer). Also I could see with simple and complex examples how they solve the decision making problems via web services.

I also disclaimed an amount research in XML for electronic participation.

Description of the main results obtained:
The visit to Luxembourg University has helped me to improve my knowledge about XML technology. I have seen that the XML documents could be a good solution for exchange information between the different modules of my architecture to support group decisions for electronic participation.

I learned that web services is a good idea for sending the information when a module needs data of another module for continue with its tasks or how I could develop a XML document to show the solution adopted in a participatory process via web browser with style sheets CSS.