COST Action IC0602 on Algorithmic Decision Theory



Title of the STSM:
A Decision Support System (DSS) for multiple criteria sorting problems.

Short report:
After two months (from 02.03.2010 to 03.05.2010) at LAMSADE, University Paris-Dauphine (France),
I have finished my research concerning the purpose of my STSM. I received a wonderful support from
the host institution as well as very qualitative advices from Prof. Bernard ROY. I would like to express
my gratitude. I also received a well support from the COST team. I would like also to express my great
appreciation. All the proposed objectives have been achieved. The Decision Support System (DSS) has
been implemented in MS Excel, as a prototype for a further implementation in a specific programming
language. Two real-world applications have been processed by the DSS: an assisted reproductive
technology (ART) application and an environmental risk of agricultural plots application.

In a methodological point of view, a segmenting description (DS) algorithm has been proposed for
analyzing a set of parameters of a decision aiding sorting method, without using an optimization
model (this algorithm will be subjected to a submission for publication in the near future).

As research results, the following two papers have been submitted, and another one are going to be
submitted, for publication:

J. Almeida-Dias, J. R. Figueira and B. Roy (2010). A multiple criteria sorting method defining each
category by several characteristic reference actions: The ELECTRE TRI-NC method. Submitted to
European Journal of Operational Research.

J. R. Figueira, J. Almeida-Dias, S. Matias, B. Roy, M. J. Carvalho, and C. E. Plancha (2010). ELECTRE
TRI-C, a multiple criteria decision aiding sorting model applied to assisted reproduction. Submitted to
International Journal of Medical Informatics.

J. Almeida-Dias, F. Macary, J. R. Figueira and B. Roy (2010). A multiple criteria decision analysis model
for zoning the agricultural risk of erosion based on ELECTRE TRI-C. To be submitted to Environmental
Modelling and Software.