Short report of STSM from József Dombi
STSM Topic: Development of new universal function for scoring rule, for w(p) and for W(E).

At the University of Rotterdam I have worked with Peter Wakker. We made consultations on the paper scoring rule, which helps in the elicitations of subjective beliefs. First achievement was that we clarified the interpretations of Prelec function and on this basis the special utility functions and the quadratic searing rule were also reinterpreted by using special continuous valued logic.
The second step was to change the used continuous valued logic and replaced an other one which based on odds.
The final step was to calculate the maximum value of expected utility. We show that the result is always the same even we used different models. If the utility function has an S-shape form we get a quite new model.
We are dealing with the multiplicative utility function, too. We were discussing the relationship to the conjunctive and disjunctive operator. A quite new properties also have been shown, i.e. its associativity if the k value doesn't change.
I took part on seminars and I met with Ph.D. students as well
I was at the University of Amsterdam. I met with Joep Sonnemans. We discussed the empirical verification our findings.
These meetings were very useful and there will be a fruitful collaboration with Peter.