Carmel Domshlak (Technion, Israel) visiting Ronen Brafman (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)

Dates: 18/6--23/6

The purpose of the visit was twofold. First, Ronen and I have finalized our joint paper on parametric complexity of cooperative multi-agent action planning, and (more importantly) established the ground for extending this work to combined combinatorial/decision-theoretic settins. In fact, during the visit we already obtained certain results connecting our algorithmic framework (to be published in ICAPS-08 proceedings) with the algorithmic properties of graphical games. This work (initiated during the visit) is now continued by Ronen, myself, and a new postdoc fellow in Technion (Yagil Engel).

The second purpose of the visit was brainstorming on the issue of establishing a benchmarking platform for various frameworks for handling user preferences. This issue has been recognized as a critical bottleneck of the research on algorithmic decision theory, and advances in resolving this issue are critical. During the visit we have established certain guidelines for establishing such a benchmark platform, and these days we continue working on that matter. Overall, we feel that the visit was extremely productive with respect to the COST action objective.