Reference code: COST-STSM-IC0602-070211-004836
Beneficiary: DUTA Luminita, Valahia University, Romania
Host: Tsoukias Alexis, LAMSADE, Universite Paris Dauphine
Period: 07/02/2011-15/02/2011

The STSM “The use of MCDM tools in public transportation” accomplished at
LAMSADE laboratory from Paris Dauphine University aimed to make known the
accomplishments of the Romanian researchers and to facilitate an experience exchange
between the two research groups.
The activity of the scientific mission was dedicated to study the application of the
Multicriteria Decision Methods in services optimization and in particularly in public and
merchandise transportation.
The work included meetings and discussions with researches and PhD students that use
MCDM methods in combinatorial optimization and operational research.
Therefore, two problems in the transport sector were studied. The first problem is
included in the process of transit system development. The transit network design has
been studied according to the criteria most relevant to optimize. The second problem was
to establish the main criteria in public transportation decision analysis. Different view
points were shared by the meeting participants. Several approaches were proposed to deal
with these multi-objective and multicriteria problems. Hierarchical models prove to be
the best adapted to the optimization of our problem.
The main results of this mission consist in the shared experience with specialists in
multicriteria analysis and the number of contacts established after this mission. A new
European Framework Programme is envisaged on long term.