Ulle Endriss to U. of Padova, 7-12 May 2008

During this STSM of Ulle Endriss to the University of Padova, we explored the integration of previous work on voting theory and computational social choice by members of the groups in Padova and Amsterdam. Specifically, we have begun work on an election model where the language in which voter preferences are expressed and the language which is used to specify ballots may differ. This leads to new and interesting perspectives on the notion of strategy-proofness. Ulle Endriss also gave a talk about approval voting in a departmental seminar during the visit. The work started during the STSM is the subject of a joint paper between Ulle Endriss, Francesca Rossi, Brent Venable, and Maria Silvia Pini, that is currently in preparation.