The STSM has taken part of my joint-PhD between University of Luxembourg and Telecom Bretagne.
During the STSM, we worked on elaborating some tests for measuring the impact of the use of Condorcet robustness constraints, as described in Bis04 and modeled in BMV09 and VMB10, in a context of inverse analysis in multi criteria decision aid. We run three series of experiments, showing that the constraints successfully recapture, from a complete or partial outranking digraph, a set of criteria weights significantly improving the overall robustness of the digraph (some slight changes on the weights will have very limited effects on the outranking statements).
We also developed new web services for the diviz platform, within the Decision Deck project, allowing to generate random data for multicriteria problems. This was very useful for testing our algorithm and it will help people not from the multicriteria domain and without knowledge about XMCDA (a standard modeling of multicriteria problems) to familiarize to the domain.

Bis04 "Concordant outranking with multiple criteria of ordinal significance"
BMV09 "Inverse analysis from a Condorcet robustness denotation of valued outranking relations" in ADT2009 conference
VMB10 "Analyse inverse robuste à partir d'informations préférentielles partielles" in Roadef2010