Historique: minutes of the Dusseldorf Meeting

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(1.)Welcome to participants
The meeting starts at 6pm. Alexis Tsoukias chairs the meeting.
See the attached list of attendees
(2.)Adoption of agenda
The agenda is approved by the MC.
(3.)Minutes of last meeting
The minutes are approved by the MC.
(4.)Matters arising
(5.)Report from the COST Office
None (in the absence of the COST officer).
(6.)News from the COST Office
Status of Action, including participating countries
(7.)Budget status, budget planning and allocation process
The current budget is 82Keuros, due to accounting problems at the COST office. It is likely that we are going to ask further money. This covers the forthcoming meetings (this meeting, the Manchester meeting, and the Paris meeting on Evidence-Based Policy Making), as well as the two training schools (MCDM school at Centrale which took place in June, and the planned Applying Decision Analysis to Real Problems in Manchester). AT recalls that the end of the action is the 2nd of May 2011, and that everything has to happen by this date. IC aks whether it would be possible to ask for an extension of the Action. AT says it is impossible. In any case, AT informs the MC that they should be prepared to react promptly in case an extra-budget is allocated. The MC approves the funding of the Summer School at Centrale (Paris) as zell as the 2010-11 budget.
(8.)Action planning
Action Budget Planning
The budget planning is approved. See attached document.
Action Planning (including meetings)
Location and date of next meeting
Next meeting to take place on Thursday 16/09 in Dusseldorf, co-located with COMSOC (13/09--16/09).
Long-term planning (including anticipated locations and dates of future meetings)
Spring 2011 MC meeting to take place in Manchester. SF: The meeting will be co-located with a Doctoral School on “Applications of MCDA”, focusing on practical situations and involving exercises with students.
(9.)STSM status, applications
Highest budget allocated so far (EUR 21800), with a ratio of 16/22 Early Stage Researchers. All STSMs are documented on the (10.)Action's website.
Publications, dissemination and outreach activities
RB informs the members of the high success of the Decision Deck project, with now more than 50 methods available online, and the tool becoming increasingly used world-wide as a teaching support.
(11.)Request for new members
The case of a possible membership from Czech Republic is informally mentioned (ET), but it seems now late to encourage new members to join (UE).
(12.)Promotion of gender balance and of Early Stage Researchers (ESR)
The Action is very successful in terms of promoting ESRs (see agenda item on STSMs). On the other hand, the number of female researchers involved in the Action is still small and this should be improved (UE).
(13.)Non-COST country participations
UE reminds the members of the possibility to apply for a few (extra-budget) STSMs in the specific partners institutions of this action. One recently approved to NICTA (Australia).
(14.)Web news
All the relevant information still available online at
The meeting is closed at 7: 15pm.


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