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(1.)Welcome to participants
The meeting starts at 4:15pm. Alexis Tsoukias chairs the meeting.
See the official list of attendees.
(2.)Adoption of agenda
The agenda is approved by the MC.
(3.)Minutes of last meeting
The minutes are approved by the MC.
(4.)Matters arising
(5.)Report from the COST Office
(6.)News from the COST office
(7.)Budget status, budget planning and allocation process
No new budget to talk about.
(8.)Final Report of the Action
Due in September 2011. The structure can be taken from the reports from the 3 previous years. From now to end of May: report any highlights to AT so that it is included in the final report (important paper, subject identified as a key challenge by a WG, etc.). LE asks whether these highlights should be from this year. AT answers this should cover all the Action period. FdlC (external expert) says the report is due on the 1st of September.
(8.)Action planning
Action Budget Planning.
AT presents the current budget (see official document.) There are 10kE euros that can still be spend. AT proposes to publish the set of tutorials as proceedings. There is an informal agreement that if the Action gets (a bit) less than this sum, this will be ok. 100 USB sticks to be produced with all these tutorials. UE remarks that this looks expensive. AT responds that most of the cost comes from the videos and the editing.
LA and RB say that more relevant material could be put on the sticks. AT says it is ok to add material on the sticks, but this should be done quickly. The MC approves the use of the remaining budget up to 10Keuros to publish the whole set of tutorials of the Action in a memory stick.
(9.)STSM status, applications
AT recalls the very good figures, eg. in terms of ESR ratio (66%).
All STSMs are documented on the action's website.

(10.)Publications, dissemination and outreach activities
Final report will be put online.

(12.)Promotion of gender balance and of Early Stage Researchers (ESR)
See comments above.
(13.)Algodec after the Action
Applications in 3 directions: COMSOC, Internet of Decisions, SmartCities. Special focus of NSF on Algorithmic Decision Theory (already in place). GDRI: substantial grant from CNRS + Luxembourg, summing up to a very good overall funding.

(14.)Web news
Website: one option 1 is to transfer the website to the new GDRI action. UE recalls that the offcial website name of the website is http://cost... So suggests to freeze this name but keep, and link to a new site. SF suggests the other way around is also possible, because most search engine point to it.
A new option is proposed: can also be a meta-page, linking to the different initiatives related to algodec. The MC approves this option.


The meeting is closed at 5:30pm.


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